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Soccer ball with 6 panels, designed and tested for the regular practice to level of training and competition, with a maximum sphericity of 2 % in all its sizes.
Pressure: 0,6-0,7 kg/cm².
* Included needle for inflated
(1) Hand Sewn to provide a total sphericity, as well as a major resistance.
(2) Top quality fabric: system of lining of 4 layers
(3) EVA with chamber and valve of butyl
Weight: Size 4, 375-390 g; Size 5, 420-445 g.
Size of circumference: size 4, 65-66 cm; Size 5, 69-70 cm.
The ball is supplied deflated, and must be inflated 24 hours before its use to the recommended pressure.

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200 TPU microns with butyl chamber.


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