Mark your position

Designed exclusively to signal, at all times, the position of the operator and thus avoid situations involving risks of accident or death. This type of clothing allows movement within a work zone that can sometimes be highly dangerous. Vests, trousers, shirts, jackets, parkas and polos. An exclusive range of garments that allow you to work safely

Safety and comfort go hand in hand to create the safest and most comfortable labor market models.

Day and night protection

Garments that allow you to be perfectly visible are essential when reducing risks at work when visibility is low. They allow the worker to perform his work tasks, in good conditions of safety, and safety is the most important for the worker. In addition, a person who, every day, does his work without risk, produces satisfactorily. By law, companies must provide their staff with the appropriate work clothes to the conditions of the position, always looking for the safety of their employees

Prevent accidents

Workers must be clearly visible at all times and circumstances. Day and night. This is the only way to eliminate potential risks. In Roly we specialize in high visibility clothing. Comfortable equipment, designed for all seasons of the year. Practical models that adapt to all types of work. Garments that protect from the cold and insulate from the heat. With hoods, with pockets that allow you to enter small belongings that can not be carried in the hand. Pants with breathable fabrics and ventilation to facilitate the work outdoors. With elastic waistband for you to move freely.

In Roly all our garments comply with the certifications of signage of high visibility accepting to the conditions established in the norm UNE-EN ISO 20471