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A versatile garment

The classic vest never goes out of fashion, even becoming a mandatory requirement in some ceremonies, as slims the body of man, and glamorous dresses. In the male trend is also notable for its functionality. This outfit allows you to take care of the cold and perform various activities, being very useful. The more padding for the coldest days, ideal to maintain our body temperature. In Roly we design them with high technology thermal fabrics, to maintain the temperature and at the same time they are light and little bulky. There are also less padding, perfect for halftime. Nowadays it has become a mandatory piece in our vehicle, having to be fluorescent with reflective bands to ensure a high visibility in case you need to walk on the side of a road, or before leaving our vehicle, if it has broken down.

Certainly a garment as versatile, as we use it in ceremonies, to go for a walk, after sport, for different jobs, to shelter from the cold and to feel safe.

The origin of all this comes from long ago

Persians were the ones who introduced this sleeveless garment in Europe after the English visited the Persian court and were fascinated by its peculiar way of dressing. Since then, it has undergone many changes. In the seventeenth century the vest was striking and the bright colors prevailed, in addition it was long and with sleeves elaborated with the same type of cloth. Then it became short, tight and tight to the body. It became an indispensable piece for the military of the time, who used it to protect their body, under their military coats. In the twentieth century it became popular among the most intellectual, and it becomes fashionable in the style 'cool geek' wearing it shirtless. So until we get to our days. At the moment, the man uses much the sucks (as it is also known), for different occasions, and exists a model for each one of them.

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