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The Kings of Stylist

Its tight design marks the silhouette of every woman, turning such a basic garment into a party of glamorous curves. Comfort and styling, once again, go hand in hand to offer women's fashion a basic and indispensable attention, reflecting a woman who simplifies her way of life to gain time and achieve moments. Feminine leggings offer elegance with high-heeled boots and a miniskirt, comfort with a pair of sneakers and a denim jacket, glamor with high heels and a transparent silk blouse, without losing femininity. Everything depends on the situation, the place and the event. In Roly we bet on leggings made with the best fabrics, because only then do we know that we can offer a garment that needs a long life.

One for each day

There is a great variety, an exclusive world of fashion, for this type of mesh. There are slick with bold colors, or basic black that combine with all your favorite garments. More and more leggings are found with striking prints matching the showy sneakers. They take the textured, the effects patent, those that imitate to the jeans or the adjusted, breakers, that simulate to the leather. These women's sports tights sweep in gyms. Short, long or ankle, are the choice to look chic performing your favorite exercise, cardio, fitness, zumba, body combat ... The elasticity and comfort with which we make them makes them the favorite mesh for any time of day. Get up and start the day with a breakfast that gives you vitality, choose leggings that you are passionate about, wear a sweatshirt and hiking shoes and go for a walk.